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Marketing for architecture firms

Get high paying clients with a strategy to attract them

Turn your studio into a successful firm with our methodology to guide you and define the strategy you need to achieve consistency and design the projects you want to do.


Feeling Stagnancy and Uncertainty

Progress is crucial in the architectural industry, but the feeling of standing still or being unsure of the next steps can be disheartening. Being in the trenches of project work, managing everyday tasks, or struggling with innovation can lead to a stagnant professional landscape.

We provide the impetus you need to regain momentum and renew your focus on growth and excellence.

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Struggling with Client Acquisition

Every architect has faced the question – how do I get more, better clients? With an industry as nuanced as architecture, attracting the right clients, those who value and respect your work, can be a daunting task. That’s where we step in.

We equip you with targeted marketing strategies designed to connect you with the clients that are the best fit for your firm’s unique style and philosophy.


Difficulty in Earning and Enjoying

Did you know that only 1% of architects manage do enjoy and earn good fees from their profession? They have recognized studios, goals that motivate them every day and clients on a waiting list.

At UNCOMMON Architects we help architects focus on what really matters to advance their career: defining their goals and the strategy to achieve them.

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Getting customers is no longer a secret...

I want to tell you briefly the experience of one of our clients.

In the studio they knew how to make design houses for “high standing” clients. What they didn’t know was how to get more clients with that kind of commissions.

Problem – low fees and wasted time doing small projects that did not interest them.

Solution – Signed up for the Expansion program where we created a strategy and implemented an automatic acquisition system to get clients at a national-international level.

Did it work? – Yes, they finally got calls from the first month and have closed 5 clients which has allowed them to increase their turnover more than 100.000€ in only 4 months.

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The events you see are calls from potential clients who want to do a project.

And we also know: what project they want to do, when they want to start, if they are really ready to do it… Saving time and effort before making the first contact and being able to discard those who are not interested.

If you want to see which program best suits your studio click on the button below:


Why choose us

99% of marketing agencies offer to do SEO, blogging, social media, etc. promising abstract and subjective results for the long term.

The problem is that they do not start from a correct initial strategy.

For us, results must be in a specific time, concrete and objective.

Proven system

We have transformed the uncertainty and unknown of how to get clients in architecture into a predictable and measurable system.

Planning towards your goals

We don't waste your time on generic marketing strategies. We seek to achieve specific results based on your objectives.

Specialized in the Industry

Years of experience in the architecture market. The strategies and methodology we use are designed to achieve the best results in this sector.

Detailed planification

We teach you in depth how the market works and the strategies to get more quality clients to develop your future as an architect.


Only for committed architects...

We work with people we know we can help. For us the most important thing is that it have to work for both parties.

We look for architects who are truly committed to their profession and care about making projects that exceed their clients expectations. 

We can help you if

"There is no fair wind for those who do not know where they are going."


How you can work with us

There are different ways in which we can collaborate to help you move forward with your study. We have 3 programs developed to help you depending on the stage you are in. Find out which one suits you best below.


Marketing Orientation

Define your customer acquisition strategy and solve your marketing doubts.

Who is this for: Architects who are just starting out and want to lay the foundation for what will differentiate them from their competition.

Focused Growth

Marketing Plan

How to get clients and scale your architectural firm by developing your marketing plan.

Who is this for: Architects with trajectory who want to focus and professionalize their studio to grow.


Marketing Strategy and Advertisement

How to get customers at national - international level in automatic mode by implementing a customer acquisition system.

Who it is for: Architecture offices and firms with a good client base that want to scale their business nationally – internationally.


Let's talk

We will conduct an analysis of your professional situation, needs and objectives to help you define which program best suits you. Schedule your consultation below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the companies we work with have a size from 1 to 20 people. Our experience is based on knowing the problems and strategies necessary in each of the stages of the architectural studies to help you in any of the phases that you find yourself.

We are not miracle workers. However, what our clients appreciate most is an outside perspective on what their current situation looks like and how to move forward without reinventing the wheel. They know that change is still up to them, but they want someone to point them in the right direction based on what has worked for other architectural firms.

Normally, each session begins with an assessment of your situation and a review of the changes you have made since our previous meeting. We will then make an action plan for the next month, decide on 5-10 specific tasks for you to complete before our next meeting and discuss implementation in detail. We can also work together on more complicated tasks during the session to save you time.

Transforming an architectural firm requires time and constant work. Clients don’t close overnight, projects take months to finish and implementing strategies is something that has to be done gradually. Our work process generally takes 12 months for a standard studio to see a significant change.

However, you will see results right from the start. As soon as our new clients start the program in the first month, they get more calls and meetings from prospective clients and feel more confident about the direction of their career by seeing a system and planning focused on their goals.

Most of the time, it is best to implement the changes yourself at first. We can help you find and manage a freelancer to take care of the tasks you don’t want to do yourself. We will also be available to assist you and answer any questions that may arise.


Our work works like that of an architect, “you can’t do the preliminary project without knowing what the plot is like and what the client wants”, and this is part of the project for which an architect is hired.

But we do not leave you empty-handed. I recommend that you read our case studies and everything we have published on this website so you can get an idea of how we work and the results we get. After that, just follow your instinct. Also, new clients who take the time to familiarize themselves with our content get more out of each session.

The sessions and training is conducted directly with Estéfano Oliveira, Marketing Consultant for Architects. Therefore, he will be the one you will deal with in the process of each program. 

Our programs are tailored to companies at every stage of growth. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an industry leader looking for new opportunities.

I have worked with several successful, fast-growing companies that have no trouble getting clients. In those cases, they seek our support on a wide range of topics including: customer quality improvement, systems and process creation, delegation and management, external marketing vendor auditing, personal branding, initiatives and more.

You will receive a task list summarizing all the action items and recommendations raised during our meeting.

You will also receive a link containing the complete recordings of our meetings so that you can replay anything you may have missed.

After our meeting, we will be available to answer your questions and give you further advice (when possible) via email as you implement your action plan.

Spreading the attention too much is the best way to NOT get a quality service. That is why we do not work with more than 10 clients at the same time.

This allows us to give you unique personal attention and create strategies that ensure success for your studio. Our clients are not just numbers.

In order to manage them, we usually need a 3 week lead time to organize the sessions for the program of your choice. We usually have up to 2 openings available for new clients each month.

Sound good?

Estéfano Oliveira Pereira

Estéfano Oliveira Pereira

Meet Estéfano Oliveira

When I was studying architecture and starting my career doing internships in small firms, I saw how difficult it is to promote your work and services as an architect effectively.

I realized that what many firms needed was someone who could advise them with objectivity and expertise, and figure out what they were doing wrong to help them take advantage of the great opportunities they were missing out on.

I knew this is where I could best serve the profession, so I set out to learn everything I could about digital marketing and social media.

In my later years of my career I worked in parallel with companies and startups where I learned marketing, branding and advertising.

I decided to apply my knowledge to architectural firms helping them to increase their turnover and improve the quality of commissions through an effective personalized marketing strategy.